Higher Ed Due for a Rethink?

In the sometimes frenzy of the holidays, a December speech by the U.S. Secretary of Education may have been overlooked. It bears a glance, because in her remarks, the Secretary makes some points that are worthy of public discussion and debate about higher ed, even about federal education policy and an education ethic more broadly.

For example, the Education Secretary comments and challenges that: "We must expand our thinking about what education actually is, as well as resist the urge to expect all students to follow the same track. There should be many pathways because there are many types of students with many different interests and many kinds of opportunities with varying requirements." She also makes an arguably apt observation about the law, saying "[the U.S. Department of Education is] removing outdated or harmful guidance known as 'Dear Colleague Letters.' We are also limiting the use of any new guidance. The Department doesn't make law; it implements it."

To read the Secretary's entire set of remarks on December 19, 2018 to the American Council on Education, click here: https://www.ed.gov/news/speeches/prepared-remarks-secretary-devos-american-council-education