Celebration of Hope Reborn and a Fitting Memorial

We share the collective pride in our region’s rich connection to history in all sorts of ways. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, the end of World War I during the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, who was born in Staunton, Virginia. And we take special note of this anniversary and also of another connection our region has to President Wilson: the Woodrow Wilson General Hospital, a virtual city-like complex built in amazingly short time by the Army in the middle of farmland just east of Staunton, to provide medical care to soldiers returning from sacrifice and service near the end of World War II. As part of chronicling that history and what it meant and continues to mean, Nancy Sorrells and Connie Doebele teamed up to produce a book and video that will resonate into the future for posterity’s benefit: https://cfcbr.org/please-join-us-2/

And, just lately, the storied history inspired a memorial now with a kiosk that offers clips of the Hope Reborn of War video, as captured in the following article: Nancy Sorrells Article  And see additional photographs: 


We join in the reverent admiration of all those connected with this special place and time in history and a profound respect for the work of Nancy Sorrells and Connie Doebele, and we applaud Robert Ham and others for their efforts and generosity to make this permanent memorial and kiosk possible—as we all remember the stories and lessons from Hope Reborn of War.