Lindsay Brubaker Receives Prestigious Statewide ‘Up & Coming Lawyers’ Award

On October 25th, Lindsay Brubaker received statewide recognition as one of the 2018 ‘Up & Coming Lawyers’ by Virginia Lawyer’s Weekly.

Supreme Court of Virginia Narrows the Legal Duty to Warn

In a 4-3 vote, the Supreme Court of Virginia denied relief under the legal theory that “an implied undertaking may give rise to an assumed duty to warn or protect against the danger of a criminal act by a third party.”

Beyond the Call of Duty: U.S. District Court Reduces Fee for Unreasonableness

After finding violations of a JMU student's due process rights, U.S. District Court Judge awarded $574,180.03 in attorney's fees, a significant reduction from the magistrate judge's recommendation of almost $850,000.